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You bought the Intro Month – Now what?

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Congratulations Townie!

You just took the first step in becoming a part of the Yogatown family!

Whether you’re looking to improve fitness, add some solid stretching to your active routine, or are looking for a safe space to clear your mind, you can find it in the hot room.

Regardless of why you’re here, your first couple trips to the hot room may be daunting.

These tips will help you figure out what to expect, and how to prepare for your first classes.


Come often

Yoga isn’t one of those activities that requires a lot of rest between sessions, even for beginners. On the contrary, consistency is key when starting out.

You’ll adjust to the heat faster, you’ll learn faster, and you’ll feel more at home and more comfortable sooner.

If you can come 3-4 times a week for your first month, you’ll feel a huge difference by the time your Intro Month is wrapping up!

For more thoughts on frequency, check out our post about How Often Should I Practice Yoga?


Variety is key

We recommend newcomers try our signature Town Mix class – with a slower pace and classic poses, you’ll find it easier to follow and will get a great mix of balance, strength, and flexibility all in one.

What if you can only make it Wednesday at 5:30 and that’s a Power Flow class? Come anyway!

Every class and pose can be modified to your level and our teachers are experts at making sure each student gets what they need out of a class.

Like all of our Memberships and class passes, the Intro Month gives you access to both studios for the greatest variety and flexibility.

If you’d like a bit more guidance, check out our post on Which Yoga Class Is Right For Me?


Find Your Routine

Once you’ve come to a few classes, start expanding your horizons – try out different class styles and different teachers to see what you like best!

The Intro Month is the perfect opportunity to see what you like, what works best with your schedule, and what your best option is for moving forward, whether that’s becoming a Member or purchasing class cards.

Bonus – become a Member or purchase your class card before your Intro Month ends for a sweet discount!


Join the Family

We want you to become a part of the Yogatown family!

Stick around for a tea and chat with fellow yogis, learn tips and tricks from others who’ve all been in your shoes before (everyone had to start somewhere!), and get personalized advice from the teachers.

Yogatown’s teachers and staff are industry pros, whether you’re looking for new gear for the hot room, help with a pose, or you want to be introduced to other Townies, we’re always happy to help.


After Day 30

What can you expect to feel after day 30? A lot!

You’ll notice you carry less stress with you, tension will have eased, and you’ll probably sleep better with more energy during the day. There’s a long list of benefits you may experience, but the bottom line is – you’ll just feel better.

Using yoga to cross train for other sports? Good idea – that extra yoga love for your sore muscles will turn into an improved athletic performance on the court, field, or track – or wherever you train hard.

Yes, honestly. 30 days of yoga can do all that.

Over time you’ll continue to experience more and more benefits from your practice, and if you’d like to deepen your practice even further, check out our workshops and events.

Now, get in the hot room and get started on your personal yoga journey!

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