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Which Yoga Class Is Right For Me?

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Town Mix? Yin? Hip-Opening Flow?

We have a lot of classes at Yogatown and you may be wondering which one is right for you.

For the greatest benefits, we recommend a well-rounded practice that incorporates a variety of classes and multiple levels of intensity.

You can find descriptions for all of our classes on our schedule, but where should you start?

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect class.


Just Starting Out

If you’re new to yoga, we recommend you try our signature Town Mix class.

This class moves at a slower pace and incorporates strength, balance, and flexibility into a challenging but attainable standing series which is followed by a grounding floor series.

You’ll leave class with a steady mind and clear focus, feeling alert and rinsed from the inside out.


Swimming Upstream

Our Flow class is a fluid practice that focuses on moving with your breath – perfect for getting you back on track.

The continuous movements will help you push through any mental or physical blocks, and the focus required is perfect for shutting off a busy mind – even if it’s just for 60 minutes.


Tight Hips

Whether you sit in an office all day, or you’re training for your next 5km race, chances are you have tight hips!

Yogatown knows that happy hips = happy life, so we have a number of classes on our schedule designed to get in deep and create more space.

Our Hip-Opening Flow and the very-popular Yoga for Runners classes will open your hips, leave you with improved circulation in your legs, and can help ease lower back and knee pain.


Need to get Deep

If you’re feeling stiff all-over and craving some extra joint mobility and fascia release, our Yin classes are just for you! Yin is a passive practice involving longer holds that are done completely on the ground.

The challenge in Yin lies in the mental endurance required to hold deep stretches, but the class is an excellent compliment to our more active lifestyles.

You’ll feel like you’re floating out of the hot room after one of our Yin classes.

If you want that floating feeling without the long holds and intensity, try our relaxing Stretch and Unwind class.


Challenge Seeker

If you love to feel the burn, Power Flow or Core Flow will be right up your alley!

These challenging classes will help build cardiovascular strength while working out your core and upper body.

Expect to work up (even more of) a sweat during these challenging classes and have some fun playing with more advanced postures, too!



No matter who you are or what your daily routine is like, variety is always best – mentally and physically.

Try each class at least once, and build your personal well-rounded routine to feel your best.

Still have questions? Give us a call or chat with your teacher for extra guidance. We’re always here to help!

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