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What Is Yogatown Teacher Training Really Like?

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Tracy Billows set out to create the best possible 200 hour yoga teacher training program she could, but what’s the Yogatown Teacher Training really like from a student’s perspective?

We asked two recent graduates, Brianna Roberge and Patricia Nolan, to share their impressions.

Why Teacher Training?

Like most trainees, Brianna and Patricia joined the program with a desire to teach yoga, but the training offered them much more than they expected.

“I always saw the training as an opportunity for profound personal development.”, said Tracy.

That certainly seems to be the case for Patricia who noted that, “The experience was life-changing.”

Brianna added, “I came out feeling like a new person. It taught me to look at the world in a different way.”

Why Yogatown?

A unique aspect of the Yogatown program is that it begins with a 4-day intensive weekend which helps participants to connect and go deep into their training quickly. Then, subsequent training weekends are are spread over approximately 3 months, allowing time to absorb the material and learnings.

Brianna said, “The 4 day intensive weekend was amazing!”, but that’s not the only reason she chose to do her training at Yogatown.

“I researched every training program in Ottawa. Yogatown has a great reputation and everyone I spoke to about the studio and the teacher training program had great things to say.”, noted Brianna.

Diversity Of Teachers

One of the highlights for Patrica was, “the diversity of teachers”.

While Tracy has many years of experience as a studio owner and yoga teacher, she was the first to point out that “one of Yogatown’s greatest strengths is our diversity of teachers, and it’s incredibly valuable to share their talents and perspectives with our trainees.”

Beyond The Physical Practice

There were also surprises for Brianna who said, “I thought the training would be mostly about learning the poses and teaching a class, but it was much much more than that.”

“It’s really important that teachers learn about how yoga integrates into their student’s lives as a whole, beyond the physical practice.”, said Tracy. “Yoga can open many unexpected doors for people, and teachers need to know how to hold space and support students both on and off the mat.”

The Business of Teaching Yoga

Not everyone who participates in the Yogatown teacher training program wants to teach, but both Brianna and Patricia have their sights set on it.

When asked how confident they are that they’ll achieve that goal of teaching, both said, “very confident!” In fact, Brianna has already started teaching, as have other recent graduates of the program.

That confidence comes not only from the excellent teaching skills they’ve developed throghout the training, but also from the business building skills the program provides.

“Teachers can only share their knowledge and gifts if they can find opportunities to teach and make money.” said Tracy. “That’s why we decided to go well beyond the Yoga Alliance requirements and offer a full day, intensive training on the business of teaching yoga. We’ve made it a priority to teach the tools needed to create a sustainable businesses as a yoga teacher.”

Is The Program Right For You?

“I have already recommended the Yogatown Teacher Training program to others”, said Patricia, and Brianna added, “I would recommend the training even if you have no desire to teach yoga, because the personal development alone will change your life.”

Whether you want to be a yoga teacher, or deepen your personal practice, check out the Yogatown Teacher Training.

If you have questions, email and we’ll be happy to help.


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