Tracy Billows

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Owner & Teacher


Tracy Billows

Owner & Teacher

20 years ago my best friend brought me to my very first yoga class and it was an experience I’ll never forget.  I struggled A LOT (I was so out of shape) but something lit up inside me.  I remember walking home after class, down that same street I had walked thousands of times before, only this time the trees looked different. Everything looked brighter. More alive. More vivid.  I felt relaxed, and not in a sleepy sense, but in an “I know that everything is going to be ok” kind of way.

I am often asked, “how often do you practice yoga?”  And for me now, yoga is a way of life.  It helped more than anything else with my depression.  It has improved my relationship with myself and others.  It helps me stay grounded and centred in this hectic past-paced world.  It’s a one-stop shop for me – chiropractic, personal training, self-care and most of all, my therapy, all wrapped up in one 60min class.

While I have been teaching yoga for many years, I will forever remain first and foremost, a student.  I am obsessed with reading, listening to podcasts, and attending personal development workshops.  I love the outdoors.  I love to bike and run and swim and ski and dance – anything where I’m moving my body. Finally, my greatest loves – Jason, my partner in life and business, and our two awesome kids Caelan and Charlotte.

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