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Why Is Yogatown A Cell Free Yoga Studio?

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There’s no arguing that cell phones are one of the most significant technological advancements in history and have led to countless benefits.

We love our cell phones, however there are downsides to having all that convenience and computing power in our pocket.

Ironically, the greatest criticism of cell phones is their impact on our ability to connect. 

Despite being just one click away from literally billions of people, cell phones have created a barrier to true, interpersonal connectedness.

One of Yogatown’s core values is to create a space where all Townies can shed their armour, relax, connect, and truly be seen in the present moment. 

Cell phones often do the exact opposite, preventing us from not only connecting with each other, but more importantly, with ourselves.

That’s why we’ve made Yogatown a cell-free zone. 

You may have noticed our subtle “no phone” signs around the studio.

Cell phones can be distracting in class and a connection-killer in the lobby or lounge spaces. Not to mention that they are a violation of privacy and should never be pulled out in in the change rooms.

That said, sometimes you just need to capture a moment.

If you want to capture that quote on our wall or snap a pic of that workshop poster so you don’t forget to sign up, go for it. 

Hell, sometimes your post-yoga glow will be so vibrant that you just have to share it with a quick selfie. We get it. Just not in the change rooms please. 😉

If you do need to quickly pull out your cell phone, please be discreet and don’t let it interrupt the connections or privacy of other Townies.

Most importantly, don’t let it interrupt your opportunity to shed some layers and reconnect with the best version of you.

Thank you for honouring our cell-free policy at Yogatown. 

We look forward to connecting with you… truly connecting with you, when you’re in the studio.

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