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The Art Of Silence In The Practice Room

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At Yogatown, the practice room is our sanctuary.

It’s a place of quiet and stillness, where our yogis can be mindful and unwind from the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives.

One of the most frequent comments we receive from new Townies is just how powerful the silence of the practice room is.

Having a space to sit or lay in silence is incredible restorative and grounding. I’m sure you’ve experienced that magic yourself.

Here are some tips for how we can all respect and cultivate that peaceful silence before and after class.

Zip It

As my daughter likes to say, “Zip it. Lock it. Put it in your pocket.” 🙂 In other words, please don’t talk while in the practice room. Even whispers can be disruptive.

No Flopping

Flinging your yoga mat open and flopping it on the floor is not only noisy, it sends a gust of air at the Townie beside you. Please unroll your mat gently.

It’s Not A Band-Aid

If you quickly tear your yoga mat up off the floor like a Band-Aid, it can make that “stuck to the floor” sound. Please pull your mat up slowly.

Be A Ballerina

Walking on your heels can make it sound like there is an elephant in the room. Instead, be a ballerina and walk gracefully on your tippy toes.

No Jingle Bells

If you need to bring keys into the practice room, handle them gently or they can sound like jingle bells, especially when they bang against your water bottle.

Be Mindful

In general, be mindful of the way you move in the practice room. How you enter and exit the room can have an impact on your practice, and how you take the mindfulness of your practice into your day-to-day life.


Thank you for helping us to keep the practice room a peaceful and silent space.

And remember, as much as we value the silence of our practice room, we always want to hear from you. Be sure to say hi before and after class in our lobby or while enjoying some tea in our lounge.

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