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How To Not Be Intimidated By Hot Yoga

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“I could never do hot yoga.”

Yogatown was the first exclusively hot yoga studio in Ottawa, and all our classes are still hot, so we’ve heard this comment a lot over the years.

We get it.

If you’re a beginner yogi, the thought of learning poses and embarking on a new exercise regime can feel like a big enough goal without adding the element of heat.

That’s why we created an entire Getting Started blog category and FAQ section to help new yogis settle in to our Yogatown classes and community.

We could tell you that the heat isn’t a big deal, that you’ll get used to it, and that there are a number of benefits to doing hot yoga, but the fact is that many people still feel unsure about the idea of practicing in the heat.

So, what should you do? Taking a cue from Nike, we suggest that you Just Do It!

There really is no substitute for experiencing hot yoga yourself and discovering for yourself whether hot yoga is right for you.

We’re convinced that once you go hot you’ll never go back.

Here are three things to keep in mind if you’re intimidated by hot yoga.

Take It Easy

Nobody is keeping score during class. The heat definitely adds another level of intensity to your yoga practice, so even if you’ve practiced yoga before, take it easy. You’ll still get an incredible number of benefits, even if you’re not working at your edge.

Take Time

Some people walk out of their first class as hot yoga converts, while others take a few classes to get used to the heat. That’s why we offer an amazing introductory month offer, so you can try out an unlimited number of classes for one low price. As you practice more, you’ll adjust to the heat and before long you’ll be craving the heat.

Choose Wisely

Some of our  classes at Yogatown are more challenging than others. When first adjusting to hot yoga, choose less challenging classes. We’ve written a blog post to help you choose the right hot yoga class for you.

Talk To Your Teacher

Yogatown teachers are some of the best in the city. Talk to your teacher before class and let them know about any concerns you have. They can offer some advice for how to approach class, including variations for some of the more challenging poses, or even locations in the practice room that may not be as hot as others.

Get Ready To Sweat

There’s no doubt about it. You’re going to sweat. Embrace it, and come prepared. Wear clothing that you can move in and that won’t sick to you when you sweat. If you’re looking for advice on what clothing is best, talk to our front desk staff and check out our retail section.


It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day and come to class hydrated. Having a bottle of cold water with you during class can also provide that refreshing break that helps many new yogis during class.


Follow these tips and before long you’ll be addicted to getting your sweat on.

See you in the hot room.

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