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8 Ways To Avoid Stinky Yoga Clothes

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Your yoga clothes stink!

That’s what a stranger told me after class many years ago.

When someone you don’t even know says that, you know it must be bad.

Don’t think yoga stink is a problem for you?  Just keep in mind that if you can smell your clothes even a bit, chances are that other people can too.

Since I heard those words, I’ve been obsessed with making sure I don’t have yoga stink in any of my clothes or yoga mat towels.

As a big guy who sweats a lot during class, trust me when I say that I’ve researched and tried pretty much every solution out there.

Depending on how much you sweat, and how stinky your yoga clothes get, you may want to try some or all of these stink free solutions.

8 Ways To Avoid Stinky Yoga Clothes


Immediately following class, rinse your yoga clothes. The sooner you rinse the sweat from your clothes, the lower the chances that the bacteria in your sweat will attached to the fibres of your clothes.


Freeze your yoga clothes after class. Yep, you read that right. Simply throw your yoga clothes into a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. The low temperatures will kill most of the bacteria that causes your clothes to stink.


Tossing sweaty yoga clothes into your hamper will not only increase the chances of them becoming stinky, but they’ll also transfer that nasty bacteria to other clothes. Instead, air dry your yoga clothes before tossing them into the hamper.


Wash your yoga clothes as soon as possible. Okay, this may sound like common sense, but the sooner you wash your yoga clothes after class, the less time the stink causing bacteria will have to adhere to the fabric. It’s also helpful to add an extra rinse cycle when washing athletic clothing.

Choose Your Detergent Wisely

There are many sport brand detergents, but use them with caution. Some brands are very strong and leave your clothes covered in chemicals, while others simply try to cover up that yoga stink with a strong detergent scent. I use Nellie’s All Natural detergent.  Good for my clothes, good for me, and good for the environment.

Let The Sun Shine

Hang your clothes outdoors in the sunshine. The UV rays will kill much of the nasty stink causing bacteria, and you’ll have that fresh, natural, outdoor scent.


If you’re really prone to stinky yoga clothes, try soaking them in hot water and vinegar every once in awhile. Soak them for a couple of hours, then rinse them thoroughly before washing.

Eat Clean

Our body odor is often a reflection of what we eat, so be sure to feed yourself clean, healthy foods. Your body will thank you, and so will the yogi practicing on the mat beside you. Check out some of our healthy recipe ideas. 


It’s often easier to prevent your yoga clothes from becoming stinky than it is to get rid of the smell, so be diligent about washing and caring for your clothes. You’ll smell better, and your clothes will last longer.

Unfortunately, all yoga clothes and yoga mat towels are going to have a life span. When their time has come, you can always find fresh new yoga styles in our retail section at all Yogatown locations.

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