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You Know You’re A Townie When

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By definition, the word “townie” is used to affectionately describe someone who has been part of a town for their entire life.

We want Yogatown to be your hOMe away from home, and our goal is to make you feel like a Townie from your first visit.  

But, sometimes it takes a little while before you understand what it truly means to be a Townie at your core. 

If you’ve been to Yogatown, you get it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… well, you should probably come visit us.

So, how do you know you’re a Townie?

You Know You’re A Townie When…

  1. Someone tells you yoga is about being bendy and you burst out in uncontrollable laughter.
  2. The front desk staff know you by name… and it’s only your second class.
  3. You’re disappointed when a mirror doesn’t have a quote to inspire you?
  4. You expect every change room or bathroom you visit to be spotless?
  5. You come to class early because the practice room is the only place you can count on to be silent and peaceful.
  6. You haven’t been to your usual coffee shop in weeks because you prefer to chat with other Townies over tea in the Yogatown lounge.
  7. You schedule your week around your yoga classes.
  8. You’ve cursed your Core Flow teacher, and then praised her for everything good in your life, all within a matter of minutes.
  9. When someone complains about stress, health, relationships, or pretty much anything, you’re automatic response is “yoga” – followed by a mic drop.
  10. At least once, your car has smelled like week-old road kill because you forgot a sweaty yoga outfit under the back seat.
  11. Dressing up means putting a nice sweater over your Townie tank top and yoga pants.
  12. You stand in tree pose while in line at the grocery store without realizing it.
  13. Your dream vacation includes the ocean, organic food, total relaxation, lots of yoga, and howler monkeys in the jungle.
  14. You‘d rather spend your time practicing than posting yoga photos on instagram.
  15. You convinced your friends to go to Flow Jam instead of the club, and now they’re regulars too.
  16. You hate having to wear shoes, and you’ve probably run to your car, through the snow, in flip flops.
  17. Your colleagues aren’t surprised when you bust out a downward dog during the Friday afternoon team meeting.
  18. The Yogatown staff know about your major life decisions before your partner or parents.
  19. Your most played Spotify playlists are all from your Flow Jam teachers’ profile.
  20. After work Happy Hour now means a 60 minute Town Mix class.
  21. You bend, but you never break.

But most importantly…

You know you’re a Townie when pretty much everything in your life is better because you show up regularly, on the mat, and do the work.

If you’re a Townie, you get it. Thank you for being a part of our community.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, come visit us and find out what it means to be a Townie

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