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Town Mix – A Practice To Call Home

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There are a countless number of yoga styles, classes, and teachers. Add to that the constantly evolving trends in the yoga community and it can be a challenge to find a practice or class that you can count on. Sometimes you want a reliable, familiar, yet interesting practice that feels like home.

That’s why we created Town Mix.

Unlike Flow, Power, Yin or any other style of yoga out there, Town Mix is in a category of its own. It’s built on a framework to create a consistent sequence of movements, with many of the poses familiar to those found in Bikram. In fact, Town Mix is the perfect breakaway alternative to a traditional Bikram class. 

In a Town Mix class you’ll be off your wrists, won’t be in downward dog too much, or spend a lot of time doing vinyasa flows. You’ll focus more on longer holds instead of moving from pose-to-pose with the breath. And all of this happens in a room designed to make you sweat! 

We find that diversity and range of movement is great for avoiding repeated-use injuries that often happen after performing a set sequence. And Town Mix offers just that—a fresh mix of poses! A great approach to yoga is to stay curious, try different classes, and be open to new evolutions in your practice.

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