Sabrina Hidiroglou



Sabrina Hidiroglou


Yoga has had such a deep impact on my life. Physically, it has made me stronger and more flexible, but it also made me more comfortable with and accepting of my body. I was drawn to Power for years because I loved how strong it made me feel and how it engaged me mentally.

After years of power I learned to soften, and connect to the Yin side of practice. Emotionally, it helped me unravel and shed layers and it has always offered a space for healing and quiet time with myself. As a whole, it has help evolve me as a person and has helped me to slow down and observe rather than react.

I love to teach others how to find balance and it is always so great to see the shifts from beginning to the end of practice. I offer a challenging yet balanced practice with mindful and creative sequencing.

Off the mat, I am an equestrian and you will often find me riding my horse, hanging out with friends and family. I also love to learn about holistic health and play around a lot with essential oils.

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