Michael Feraco

"Faith. Fight. Finish" - Dak Prescott 

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Michael Feraco

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Martial Arts, movement, and meditation have always been an impactful part of my life.  The sense of team, community, and competition helped me look forward to each day and each challenge. However, as injuries piled up and a lack of competition, I was feeling like I was “losing”.

When I took my first yoga class at Yogatown (I found yoga or yoga found me?) I realized that the true competition was within myself.  With the guidance of so many incredible teachers, staff, and students, I was able to work on myself from the inside out and become a brighter light for me, my loved ones, and my community.  I encourage you to dive into your practice and open up to yourself.

Off the mat, I provide holistic financial advice helping individuals achieve their financial goals. You can’t do that on an empty stomach, so I always make time for Italian cooking with my wife, family, and friends.

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