Lea Sutherland

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been”- George Eliot



Lea Sutherland


I was raised in a religious environment, but the first time I felt truly connected to spirit was in a yoga practice.  I remember thinking, as I lay in Corpse Pose, “This is the closest to spirit I will ever be.”  While I love the physical benefits of a yoga practice, what keeps me coming back is the capacity of the practice to make all aspects of my life and the relationship to my life better.  Instead of focusing on what I lack, yoga accepts me as I am, and gives me the space to feel into what is real moment to moment.

My mission as a teacher is to create a safe and inclusive space where we can connect to our authentic selves and shine our lights brightly.   Yoga is for everybody.

Outside of teaching I am an animal and nature lover.  I spend my time outside with my chocolate lab Misu.  I work as a Massage Therapist and am a student of Psychotherapy.  I am interested in reading, podcasts, connecting with friends through laughter, coffee, and good food.


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