Jackie Beaudoin

"Yoga is unlocking your full potential" Jackie Beaudoin



Jackie Beaudoin


I found yoga in my twenties, initially as a form of exercise,  but over time progressed into so much more. I’m full of fire, a fast moving pitta, walk fast, talk fast, do a million thing in one day kind of gal.  Yoga slows me down!   I’m more grounded, mindful, less reactive, patient, and balanced because of yoga.  Living in the moment is my specialty, and yoga is exactly that.  Slowing down to connect with life, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  I love teaching yoga because I love helping others to slow down, connect and enjoy what is. Carpe Diem – Seize the Day are words to live by!!

As a top producing real estate agent and a hockey mom of 3 boys, balance is a necessity, and carving out time for myself is a non negotiable.  I love to workout, go to yoga or spin classes, and being outdoors-mountain biking, snowboarding and wake boarding.


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