Elise Adamson

I thank the universe for taking away everything it has taken, and giving me everything it has given. – Rupi Kaur

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Elise Adamson

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I started my yoga journey in 2019 with Yogatown and immediately knew this was my second home. I had danced for most of my life but yearned for a new physical outlet; little did I know, I was about to find an emotional and spiritual outlet as well. The wave of tranquility that had washed over me (or maybe that was sweat) was a new feeling that I couldn’t wait to experience again. Whether it’s a 6am or 8pm, a Flow Jam or a Yin, each class allows me to build an internal and external strength that has changed my life forever.

When I am not at the studio, I am studying at Carleton University for my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology. (I often catch myself wondering what part of my brain or which muscular processes are activated during my practice before I remind myself that no one at the studio will quiz me on this later!) I am in love with the work I do at school, and once again I have yoga to thank for balancing this side of me that never stops.

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