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How Often Should I Practice Yoga

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How often should I practice?

That’s one of the most frequent questions I receive from new yogis.

The Sweet Spot

After more than a decade of teaching new and experienced students alike, I’ve found that 3 classes per week tends to be the sweet spot for most people.

You’ll  improve your flexibility, strength, and overall health while also providing an excellent opportunity to de-stress and detox.

Most importantly, 3 classes per week is enough to enjoy the benefits of a consistent practice, without overwhelming your life off the mat.

That said, remember that everyone is different and you should pay attention to what works best for you.  A more frequent practice may provide you with additional benefits, while someone else may burn out.

Keep an eye on your energy levels and other priorities in your life. Yoga is intended to enhance your life, not overwhelm it.

Yoga Is A Daily Practice

Regardless of how frequently you attend class, yoga should still be a daily practice.

This could mean a short, daily asana practice. Even a practice as short as a 10 minute savasana or 10 sun salutations can help your yoga journey to progress without stressing your body or your schedule.

You can also take your yoga off the mat.  That could include simply taking three deep breaths throughout the day, being more mindful, or exploring other forms of movement.

There are many lessons you will learn on your mat that can be taken into your day to day life. Be curious and playful with your practice.

Get Started

However often you choose to attend class, and whichever ways you decide to incorporate yoga into your daily life, the most important thing is to get started.

Remember that your yoga journey is unique. How you define what yoga is to you is a personal choice, and one that can evolve.

Once you begin to practice with consistency, you’ll notice your journey progressing more quickly than ever before.


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