2022 / 2023

Yogatown Yoga Teacher Training

Yogatown Teacher Training 2022/2023

YOU LOVE YOGA! and whether you’ve been practicing 9 months or 9 years, you may want to keep exploring yoga in new ways – both on and off your mat.

The Yogatown Yoga Teacher Training may be the perfect way to do that.  If you want to expand your practice, start a new career, or connect with your yoga family in a deeper way, teacher training is an incredible personal growth experience.

Is it “Hot” Yoga Teacher Training?

Yogatown offers classes in a heated room, but our teacher training is not exclusive to those wanting to teach heated classes. Our teacher trainees are given the knowledge, skills and a solid foundation to teach in a variety of settings.  Styles including Hatha and Flow.

Our Unique Format

Yogatown’s Yoga Teacher Training is truly a unique experience. 

Our ultimate goal has always been to provide participants with the best yoga teacher training possible. Over the years we’ve explored several different formats, and feel confident that our current programming and format deliver the best training possible.

Our training consists of over 200+ direct contact hours along with 50+ hours of home study. This training is conveniently held on weekends, making it accessible for those needing to balance training alongside family and work obligations.  Meeting every other weekend also allows ample time to digest, process and apply the teachings to your life.

Your Instructors

We get feedback all the time about how unique the teachers at Yogatown are. We have some of the most experienced teachers in the city – each with their own unique style and area of expertise.  Your teacher trainers include Tracy Billows, Jen Pakuts, Kelly Cameron, Dana Wemyss, Jovette Carey, Kathryn Flynn, Ro Nwosu and more!  This combination of carefully chosen instructors and their breadth of knowledge and experience is sure to deliver an incredibly valuable curriculum.

Your Journey

The Yogatown Teacher Training program is about SO much more than yoga poses.  It truly is a journey of personal growth and self discovery.  Throughout this program you’ll make lifelong friends and will learn and grow in ways that you’ll carry with you both on and off your mat for many years to come. 

Of course, you’ll also become a certified yoga teacher.


To complete this program you will be required to:

  • Attend all training sessions.
  • Any missed sessions must be approved by Yogatown and made up at the expense of the participant. Participants cannot miss more than 2 sessions or they may be ineligible to receive their certification.
  • Timely completion of all pre-work and homework.
  • Teach a yoga class.


All days run approx. 8am – 5pm

  • Oct. 29 / 30
  • Nov. 12 / 13, 26 / 27
  • Dec. 10 / 11
  • Jan. 7 / 8, 21 / 22
  • Feb. 4 / 5, 18 / 19
  • March 4 / 5, 18 / 19
  • April 1 / 2, 15 / 16, 29
  • April 30th – evening


$3200 + hst if paid in full by August 15th

$3500 + hst if paid in full by October 15th

$3800 + hst for monthly payment plan (please inquire)

$500 + hst non-refundable deposit is due with application.  

No refunds or account credits.

Yogatown 10 class card is included.  For the duration of the training, receive 15% off all retail & Unlimited Memberships.


Yogatown Stittsville.

Register Now!

Ready to begin your teacher training journey?

Please email Lisa at lisa@myyogatown.com for application instructions.

Tax Receipts

Yogatown is a HRSDC Certified Educational Institution and can provide tax receipts for our teacher training program tuition.


Q – What if I’m not sure I want to teach? 

A – You can absolutely 100% still participate in the training, even if you don’t plan on teaching.  Generally the group ends up being about 1/3 want to teach, 1/3 aren’t sure, 1/3 do not want to teach.  The training truly is about so much more than just teaching – it really is an immersive yoga experience.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your practice will absolutely evolve, whether you teach or not.  You might even surprise yourself during the training and feel inspired to teach when it’s all over!

Q – I can’t touch my toes or do an arm balance or handstand or other advanced poses.  Is that ok?

A – YES and YES.  There are absolutely no prerequisites or requirements in terms of poses – as long as you are eager to learn, participate to the best of your ability and have an open mind, you can do this.  The real beauty about this immersive yoga experience is you’ll discover it’s about SO much more than just the poses. 

Q – How will I fit this into my life?

A – We intentionally designed this program for those that still have other life commitments and responsibilities.  That said, it is an immersive experience – there is reading, pre-work before some lectures, homework for others.  The more time you carve out to dedicate to this experience, the more you’ll get out of it.  

Q – Are there any required readings?

A – Yes – and we’ll provide that reading list upon acceptance into the program. 

​​Q – What happens if we get shut down again?

A – One of the reasons we did not run a YTT last year was the unpredictability of the world.  We had no idea how things would go in terms of openings and closures. We decided it best to take a break until we felt more certain we’d be able to run the best possible training with minimal interruption.  At this time we feel pretty confident there won’t be any interruptions to this upcoming training. If there is, we’ll move what we can to online and resume again in person as soon as we’re able to. 

More Questions?

Please contact Lisa, she will be happy to chat via email or can set up a phone conversation lisa@myyogatown.com

Diversity Scholarship

Yogatown has established a Yoga Teacher Training scholarship for Black, Indigenous, and other People’s of Colour. If you are a Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour who is interested in becoming a yoga teacher and applying for this scholarship, please email lisa@myyogatown.com

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