September 30 - November 4, 2020 with Kathryn Flynn & Mona Warner

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Learn the benefits and methods of adapting yoga into a chair-based practice for seniors, including those with specific conditions. Hosted by Kathryn Flynn and Mona Warner, with guest teaching from Erin Bidlake, this program combines pre-recorded lectures and instructional videos with live evening sessions for flexibility and integration.

This course is for everyone, but it counts as one credit in the 300 hour Intelligent Edge Yoga program.


This 6 week training includes…

  • Who are seniors? Looking at the aging population and general overviews of statistics, health, and wellness challenges relevant to seniors
  • Evidence-based approach to the benefits of yoga for these groups, including brain health and improved mobility
  • The Ayurvedic lens on ageing and supportive practices
  • Exploring challenges of aging – mechanical and functional, including outlines of the condition, risk factors, and how yoga practice can intervene
  • Guidelines related to pain and restrictions, chronic pain, and chair yoga for chronic pain
  • What to expect in a chair yoga class, how to set up, and how to approach teaching
  • Bonus! “Advanced” Chair Yoga class with Mona Warner to integrate and celebrate course conclusion

Investment: $275 + HST

Course Dates: Thursday September 30 – Wednesday November 4 (readings and videos are available 1 week before their corresponding Zoom evening)

Evening Sessions: Wednesday September 30 – Wednesday November 4, 6:30 – 8 PM

How it works: Audio recordings and video yoga classes are available the week before our Wednesday evening session. This gives you time to review the lectures and content before our live session, and ask questions on the private program page or in the Zoom session. There are 5 evening sessions, as one week you will need to coordinate a practice teach with a partner from the program. Yes, the live sessions will be available after as recordings!


Program at a Glance:

Week 1: Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors
Week 2: Sequencing and Setting Up a Chair Yoga Class
Week 3: Pain and Restrictions in Chair Yoga
Week 4: Getting Creative with Chair Yoga / Ayurveda’s Rasayana
Week 5: Ageing and the Brain / Practice Teaches
Week 6: Special Considerations: Alzheimer’s, Palliative Care Yoga, etc


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