Virtual Classes

Practice anytime, anywhere on Instagram Live and YouTube

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Townies, We Miss You!

There is something special about moving and breathing together, especially when it’s with your fellow Townies!

During our closure due to the Covid-19 closure, we have two ways you can continue practicing with your favourite Yogatown teachers and classes.


Yogatown On YouTube

We’re regularly uploading a variety of FREE classes to our Yogatown YouTube Channel so you can practice anytime, anywhere.


Instagram Live Virtual Classes

We have virtual classes being broadcast on Instagram Live, absolutely FREE!

Follow us on our @myyogatown Instagram account to access all of our Instagram Live classes.

We will also save these classes to our Instagram Stories when class is done, so you can access each class for a full 24 hours.


Instagram Live Virtual Schedule:

*All Classes 50 Minutes
*All Classes Eastern Standard Time


Thursday April 9th:

10am – Flow with Ayesha Basi

4:30pm – Flow with Natasha Moine


Friday April 10th:

10am – Power Flow with Kristy Schmekel

4:30pm – Flow Jam with Megan Beahen


Saturday April 11th:

9am – Town Mix with Jackie Beaudoin

12pm – Hard Core Flow with Jen Pakuts


Sunday April 12th:

9am – Hip Opening Flow with Ciara Beaton

12pm – Flow Jam with Josh Towell

5pm – YIN with Meghan Johnston


Monday April 13th:

10am – Town Mix with Dana Wemyss

4pm – Flow with Aleysha Derksen

7pm – Core Flow with Vanessa Sorgard


Tuesday April 14th:

10am – Flow with Jen Pakuts

4pm – Flow with Yogatown Staff

7pm – Meditation & Flow with Alex Ure


Wednesday April 15th:

10am – Town Mix with Josh Towell

4pm – Flow with Genevieve Munro

7pm – Stretch & Unwind with Dana Wemyss


Would You Like To Support Us?

Our Instagram Live and YouTube virtual classes are completely FREE, however if you would like to support us during our closure, you can purchase a Virtual Drop-in by clicking HERE.

To those members who have asked us to keep your membership active… thank you! Your membership fees will go towards supporting our staff and teachers during our closure.

If you have a membership and would like to have it re-activated to support our staff and teachers, please let us know at

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