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Our Townie community is made up of all kinds, and that’s exactly why we love it. Some people arrive with the intention of getting in a sweaty workout, some arrive in order to quiet their minds and meditate. We have some people who show up with their friends and their practice is their bonding time, while others are here simply for the stretch. Then there are some clients who began their yoga journey thinking it was one thing, and after practicing for a while, doors opened and their reason for returning to their mat evolved. Meet Jenna Fletcher, she’s one of our regular Barrhaven townies. She started practicing as a fun way to move, but soon it became a larger component of her self-development and spiritual growth. Read on about Jenna’s experience!

Why did you start doing yoga?

My mom used to talk about how much she loved going to yoga classes in the 70’s, so when my friend invited me to my first class 12 years ago I decided to finally try it. I thought it sounded like a cool way to exercise and soon learned that yoga is about so much more.

What’s a yoga accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I completed a 40-day yoga challenge a few years ago in BC and didn’t miss a day of class. Yoga was my first priority during those 40 days, and I benefitted on every level – in body, mind, spirit, emotionally, and even in my relationships with friends and family. It was hard but worth it!

Why do you like being part of the Yogatown community?

Every yoga community has its own unique personality and I feel I really resonate with Yogatown’s. The community is friendly, supportive, non-competitive, and has integrity. Yogatown honours the holistic practice of yoga, and that is reflected in the balance of asanas, breath-work, presence practices, and off-the-mat teachings found in the classes. It’s so inspiring to spend a few hours each week alongside fellow yogis who are dedicated to their practice and all of the growth, healing, and goodness that comes from it – which I believe ripples into our communities at large.

We believe that yoga is about so much more than being bendy. What does yoga mean to you? Has it changed since you started practicing?

My relationship with and understanding of yoga has evolved and will continue to, and I believe this is true for every yogi – there is always more to learn. For me, it began as a way to exercise and increase flexibility, and soon became one of my most significant forms of self-development and spiritual practice. Right now, I experience yoga as my ‘moving meditation’, wherein I’m intending towards presence, equanimity, and self-compassion while on the mat, then attempting to translate these states into the rest of my life. I also believe that having a regular yoga practice is a form of self-love.

What is it about Yogatown that keeps you coming back?

I can always find what I need. Most days I need a slow and quiet Town Mix class. But other times I need to Flow Jam it to early 2000’s Usher. Either way, Yogatown’s got my back!

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