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By Tracy Billows | owner, teacher

We’re back with another edition of Townie Tuesday. Say hello to longtime member Doug. The folks at Preston Street know Doug well. He’s been a member since 2014 and has already completed almost 1200 classes at the studio (that’s almost 1300 hours of yoga).

Doug opened up to us about how he discovered yoga, his time here at Yogatown, and the impact it’s had on his life:

I’d first explored yoga as an ‘as needed ‘ mobility hack in my college days, mostly to balance out a heavy training schedule being very active in the martial arts, military, rock climbing, and overall trying to get my fitness level competitive with an eye toward a career in policing.

Yoga at that time was purely a tool to regain mobility and for the many physical benefits. I enjoyed the challenge of the practice, but ultimately set it aside because of time demands. Fast forward about six years worth of shift work and adrenaline doing front-line policing and I was gradually starting to see I needed to make some changes in my lifestyle.

I found Yogatown on the insistence of a family member, and decided to give yoga another shot. I wanted to keep healthy and mobile physically, to offset the duty-gear-meets-bad-ergonomics-shift-work pattern inherent to my job. I saw benefit almost immediately in how the positive and mindfulness focused practice and messaging of Yogatown was helping me in other areas.

Spending the majority of your working hours dealing with conflict, violence, tragedy and people often at the worst time/points of their lives had really started to skew my perception of people. I consciously sought out an alternative message and community to come back to a more balanced and holistic view of things generally.

Yogatown was part convenience, part referral at first. I’d tried a small number of other studios prior, but things just didn’t ‘click’ to the the same degree. I was won over by the great teachers, friendly front desk staff, and community vibe in a big way. It’s been a blast connecting with a remarkably diverse group of yogis over the years.

In the past few years, my practice has become an essential tool for keeping balance in my life, to de-stress… to keep fit… and maybe just a *little bit to look good too. Being able to ‘re-set’ myself has led to benefits in my family life, but also tremendously at work. The gradual shifts in perception gained through yoga… and many patient teachers at Yogatown, has helped me become more effective at work, both inside my organization and within the community.

As far as accomplishments go… I’m proud of being able to shed some negative self-talk and to having gradually been coaxed out of my shell. Nailed eka-pada-bakasana a few times too which I thought was pretty cool!

Early to tell, but if I’m able to be a good role model for my wife and children in the fitness/lifestyle department, that would be pretty awesome too. I’d love to think that years down the road I set an example that motivated them in a healthy direction. Same goes for my first responder or military brothers and sisters! The world needs healthy warriors and peace-makers.

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