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Townie Profiles – Damian

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By Tracy Billows | owner, teacher

Damian is one of those people who can just light up a room with the positive energy he radiates when he comes to the studio. He started practicing with us back in 2015 at a karma class and never looked back.

With over 600 hundred visits now, Damian has seen big gains in his mental and physical health. We’ve really gotten to know Damian here at the studio as one of the kindest, most easy-going person in town. Outside the studio, a bunch of the Yogatown team and clients have gone paddle boarding with Damian’s company Catbird Paddle here in the Ottawa Valley.

If you’re looking for a fun little mini-getaway close to home reach out to Damian and book some time with him and your friends in the great outdoors – but come back in for some yoga after of course!

We asked Damian to share a little about his yoga journey here at Yogatown:

Why did you start doing yoga?

I actually ended up at Yogatown on a date. It was a Friday night Karma class. It was fun! The postures were challenging, the room was warm, I was intrigued. I really enjoyed it. Then a few months later I got a 1 month unlimited membership and I have tried to put an hour aside every day to practice ever since. Yoga is my secret weapon. I’m in the best shape of my life physically and mentally, Yogatown plays a big part in that.

What is a yoga accomplishment you are most proud of?

I am most proud of the core strength I have gained in the hot room. Not to mention the increased endurance and flexibility. I have gained 20 lbs of muscle in almost four years. Yoga builds strength in all the places I need it and has changed the way my body moves. I like to climb and I paddle every day in the summer. Applying all the core strength I’ve gained here into sport specific movements out there is very rewarding. 

Why Yogatown?

Yogatown in Stittsville is the only place I have ever practiced. I feel fortunate to have such a great studio here in the west end. It’s very welcoming and I have become friends with everyone. I like having a laugh with the lads in the locker room. The front desk staff are always smiling and I enjoy all the instructors’ styles and stories. This is my yoga home.

What does the word Townie mean to you?

Townies are all of us at Yogatown sharing the space and sharing in a love for the hot room. Townies are in there challenging themselves every time they get on the mat with a group energy and an individual goal. It’s a unique community.

We believe yoga is so much more then being bendy, what does yoga mean to you? Has it changed since you started practicing?

Yoga for me is satisfaction. On top of everything yoga just makes me feel good. It’s part of my rhythm. It gives me an advantage, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel free. That will never change.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank Tracy, Jason and John for everything they do to provide this amazing space for all of us to practice. Also, thanks to everyone at the front desk and a huge thank you to all the instructors for keeping my down dog tight. I’m proud to be a Townie. 

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