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Townie Profiles – Adriana

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By Tracy Billows | owner, teacher

Welcome to another edition of our Townie Profiles where we highlight some of the amazing people in our community who make Yogatown so wonderful.

This week we’re featuring one of our volunteers at Preston Street, Adriana.

It’s been one year since Adriana joined our Energy Exchange program and in that time she has shown us how dedicated she is to Yogatown through her hard work and positive attitude. We’re very happy that Adriana is one of our own.

If you’d like to join our volunteer programs at one of our studios, head on over to our Pricing and Packages page and download an application at the bottom of the page.

Adriana shared some of her yoga story and how she ended up in our volunteer program:

Why did you start doing yoga?

I started doing yoga for my mental health. I was always the kind of person to be on the go and have everything be fast-paced to occupy my mind all the time, and I never allowed myself to feel or to slow down my thoughts.

Yoga helped me to slow down and feel every emotion, whether they be good or bad, and embrace the good and forgive the bad.

What’s a yoga accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I’m most proud of allowing myself to be comfortable in stillness, and move through a sense of stillness…and for finally being able to do a crow pose!!!

Why Yogatown?

I had heard of Yogatown through a work friend, and the amazing EE program she was doing at the Stittsville location. After doing a few classes at [the Preston Street] location, I was overwhelmed my how welcoming everyone was, including the staff, volunteers, and fellow yogis. I’ve made such good friends at this studio. The instructors and the classes keep me on my toes (sometimes literally) and I love it so much.

How long have you been in the Energy Exchange program?

I’ve been an EE program for a year now, making sure the studio is nice and clean and welcoming for everyone!

What does the word Townie mean to you?

To me there is a difference between a yogi and a Townie. To me a Townie is someone who welcomes you in all your glory and helps/forgives you for your downfalls. Townies help each other and embrace one another in our differences. The sense of community in the studio is undeniable.

We believe that yoga is so much more than being bendy. What does yoga mean to you and how has it changed since you started?

At the beginning of my practice, before I started practicing regularly, I thought yoga was all about total zen and just stretches that were supposed to relax you. Now, yoga is a way for me to tap into my inner self, my inner truth, and my inner peace. Yoga to me is a journey and a new experience every time I step on the mat, to discover new things about myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I encourage everyone to take the step out of their comfort zone, whether it is their first time on the mat or the 300th, you never know what you can discover about yourself!

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