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Townie Profile – Nancy

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By Jason Billows | Owner

As a long-time summer and winter triathlete, Nancy Luitwieler joined a friend to try a hot yoga class and over time it has become a habitual practice in her active life.  

What does being part of the Yogatown community mean to you?

I discovered Yogatown in mid 2017 while cycling along and the rest is history. Practicing here feels like coming home. I’m always greeted by welcoming staff, experienced instructors, and the environment is so comfortable. I often join other yogis in the lounge for a chat over tea and feeling comfortable to call or email Tracy/Jason//Stacey. I appreciate the cleanliness of the studio, the volunteers’ efforts and thoughtful gestures by staff. I love the hot room environment, especially on frigid winter days.

How has your practice changed since you started?

I went from bikram-style repetitive asanas to a rigorous Ashtanga practice but found I was getting wrist and knee injuries. I focused on the discipline of Iyengar instruction and really started to appreciate the use of props and ropes. 

What’s one of your most memorable accomplishments?

Along my yoga journey, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training to broaden my understanding of anatomy and my own practice. 

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