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Townie Profile – Jordan

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By Jason Billows | Owner

Jordan was introduced to yoga through a fellow Townie in an impromptu class at a previous job. What started as a one-off experience for Jordan turned into a regular practice that amplifies and supports his other adventurous activities!

Has yoga changed since you started practicing?

My intention has definitely changed and evolved into what is now a new passion that will be with me throughout my life journey.

How does yoga enhance your life?

It gives me a low impact, peaceful space that I can dedicate the time for myself to work on mental and physical strength.

How does yoga fit into the balance of your life?

Gently and with intention. I find it at the centre, linking together many aspects of my life. It joins together my sports rehabilitation and physical training with the sports that I love.

What’s a yoga accomplishment you’re most proud of? 

Showing up to the 6am classes week after week…haha.

mandala mandala mandala
mandala mandala