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Townie Profiles – Ihtesham

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By Tracy Billows | owner, teacher

Since joining Yogatown in 2015, Ihtesham has logged over 800 yoga classes with us (874 hours of yoga)! Needless to say, when you practice as much as Ihtesham, it’s easy to get to know him at the studio.

Out of all the Townies we’ve featured here, the Yogatown team requested to see Ihtesham to be featured here the most. His calm and kind demeanour, and friendly nature bring a sense of ease to the studio. Truly a joy to be around, we’re grateful to have him as one of our Preston Street regulars.

We asked him to answer a few quick questions about his yoga experience:

Why did you start doing yoga?

I started practising yoga because I was seeking relief for my lower back pain.

What’s a yoga accomplishment you’re most proud of?

As someone who finds it hard to stand still, I am proud of completing a 90 minute yin class!

Why Yogatown?

After trying out several yoga studios, I found that Yogatown offered an environment to practice that was in sync with my core values. At Yogatown, classes are accessible to all and taught by amazing teachers in a friendly atmosphere! 

What does the word Townie mean to you?

It means being part of a community of like-minded folks who are accepting / welcoming. 

We believe that yoga is about so much more than being bendy. What does yoga mean to you? Has it changed since you started practicing?

What began as a purely physical practice has now evolved into a way of being / approaching life.

Anything else you’d like to add?

In Yogatown, I am grateful to have found my perfect studio!

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