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Townie Profiles – Claire

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By Tracy Billows | owner, teacher

Say hello to Claire!

Claire joined Yogatown in 2010 and has done over 1500 classes since!!

Claire has become a fixture here at Yogatown.  Being one of the first clients to participate in our 200 hour Teacher Training, Claire has used her teacher training education to share her passion for yoga with her students. Working as a school Guidance Counselor, Claire created a Mindfulness Room at the school she works, earning her a Director of Education Award.


At Yogatown, we know Claire for being incredibly kind and a true ambassador for the studio. Claire is easy to spot with her incredible sense of style and larger than life personality that lights up the room.


We asked Claire a few questions about her yoga journey with Yogatown:


◆ YT: Why did you start doing yoga?


Five years ago I was searching for something that would help me grow spiritually for myself and for me as a guidance counselor. For years I could feel this tide of mental health issues fast approaching our high schools and instead of going through the motions as a guidance counselor, I was looking for an answer to help my students navigate their way into their mind, body and spirit. I truly believe the Universe led me to Yogatown to find my answer. I instantly fell in love with yoga (mind, body and spirit) and the yoga community.


YT: What’s the yoga accomplishment you’re most proud of?


I actually have two accomplishments:

  1. Within a year of practicing yoga I enrolled in Yogatown’s first 200 hr YTT five years ago. This is one of my biggest accomplishments ever!!! To begin studying to this extent in your late 50’s is something to be very proud of.
  2. During my yoga training we were asked to journal our innermost thoughts daily. Through this practice, I began to visualize a mindfulness room in my high school. A room that would be used for yoga, meditation, and restorative circles. The Law of Attraction did not let me down and I was recently awarded the DOE (Director of Education) award for the mindfulness room and what it gives to our students. I have to thank Yogatown, yoga training and the Yogatown community for helping me make my visualization come true.


◆ YT: Why Yogatown?


Yogatown has a uniqueness about it which I have never found anywhere else. Those who know me know that I have travelled a lot of  the world and practiced yoga each place I visited. Each time I return home I feel so very blessed to have such amazing instructors, community and a place I refer to as my second home. I recently went through a divorce and Yogatown was my healing space for many reasons but mostly the staff who surrounded me and all the beautiful yogis.


◆ YT: What does the word Townie mean to you?


Townie, a term used to denote anyone who is a lifelong resident of a specific town, city, or neighbourhood. Being part of Yogatown is like being a resident of acceptance, encouragement and self reflection.


◆ YT: How has yoga changed you since you started?


Yoga has certainly grounded me, made me more focused, accountable and aware of even the smallest moments both on and off the mat. It has also given me deeper resources of presence, compassion and patience. Through yoga I have been given the opportunity to open my heart and to recognize that the essence of our being is LOVE. With my practice at Yogatown, I now embrace each day, live in the moment, create joy and welcome every experience good or bad, coming my way.


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