Sherri Ryan

Yoga makes me feel great!



Sherri Ryan


Yoga has changed every aspect of my life. My home life, my work life, and everything I do has been impacted by yoga. Yoga makes me feel great! I like to do yoga because it’s fun, it’s peaceful, it’s energizing and it’s healthy. I always feel great after going to a yoga class. It’s impossible to be grumpy after yoga. Practicing yoga with children is very gratifying. About 15 years ago, I completed the Radiant Child Yoga Teacher certification. Since then have also done Yoga teacher training and Children’s yoga teacher training at Yogatown. I have been able to bring yoga into the classroom at our local schools and in my work at the public library. Through storytelling, activities, games and poses children are free to enjoy an uncomplicated yoga experience. I am passionate about my friends and family… especially my husband, my grandchildren, my children, and my big ol’ dog.

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