John Fritz

"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" -RuPaul

General Manager


John Fritz

General Manager

When I was a kid, if you would have told me that I would grow up to become the manager of 3 yoga studios, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Never in my life before yoga was I into “fitness”. Team sports and working out were not a part of my life. Over a decade ago, I had a roommate drag me along to a hot yoga class with her and I was nervous beyond belief. What would people think of me? Am I going to have to chant? What if I don’t know how to do the moves?

As the old saying goes, you never forget your first time. I left that class feeling humbled, but also on top of the world. Yoga had me hold up a mirror to myself and really dive deeper into what was holding me back with my limiting beliefs. Yoga showed me how to take care of my physical health and as the years went on, that sneaky mental health piece crept in too.

There was a point where I really hit a wall with my career. After 12 years working for the Federal Government, I was able to use my yoga to identify that I was not where I needed or wanted to be in my career. I took a leap of faith and clipped the “golden handcuffs” and quit to take on my management role here at Yogatown. There hasn’t been a single moment where I’ve regretted it. My work here leaves me fulfilled and I am constantly growing and evolving with the studios.

When I’m not taking care of business here at the studio, I love to play volleyball, sew, create, take care of all my plants… and of course spend time with my amazing partner Rob too!

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