Heather Davidson

"smiling and laughter can be some of the best medicine"



Heather Davidson


Yoga to me, is a combination of many things that come together in a beautiful practice and lifestyle. One
that lifts you up, gives you strength but most importantly allows you to be seen, really seen, for exactly
who you are as you are.

I started practicing yoga after the birth of my daughter but it wasn’t until I took the plunge and decided to
take my teacher training that I fall in love. I fell deep and hard and truly in love. I never had the intention
of teaching, but thought that I was only taking this training as a way to learn and grow as a woman and
mom. I forced myself to look at the deepest darkest places of me and really assess my life and make
some big changes….and I knew, I needed to share this with others, it has become one of the most
rewarding parts of my life, other than being a momma to two amazing dragons of course.

Every time I get on my mat, its like coming home. You get to shut down for that hour. Focus on you,
listen, really listen, because deep inside all the answers are already there waiting, and if we let ourselves
get quiet, the answers will appear.

Through the challenges I’ve learnt that smiling and laughter can be some of the best medicine, and there
will always be an opportunity for both in class. The things that scare us the most are often the things that
can be the most exciting and rewarding, so take that plunge, jump on your mat and listen…to you!

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