Emma Haining

"I am happiest being outdoors in nature"



Emma Haining


My name is Emma and I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Since taking my first yoga teacher training, I felt that yoga was a powerful tool for transformation and healing, and I use this practice in mine and my family’s life daily.  As a yoga teacher, I love the energy of a large group class. I also love teaching more intimate workshops and really “diving in” with participants.

I enjoy working one on one with clients as a yoga therapist in the realms of physical injury and mental health rehabilitation, and my ongoing training as a Warriors at Ease Yoga Teacher has brought me so many skills and experiences in this field.  I am happiest being outdoors in nature and most of my travel involves hiking and climbing mountains.  I am super excited to combine my love of hiking and yoga in offering yoga and hiking retreats this year!

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