Elena Barkovskaya-Morales

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” - George Addair

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Elena Barkovskaya-Morales

Front Desk

My yoga journey began with a candlelit class at the Preston studio on New Year’s day in 2009. I fondly remember the hot room full of Townies and how there was not one spot to be had! Although I had a very transformative experience my life was too complicated and messy at the time, as it often is, and I was not able to practice regularly.

A few years later, after experiencing an unexpected loss and while going through grief, I found myself on the mat more frequently.  Little by little yoga and meditation were helping me to heal by making me feel connected to the present moment.

Anytime life gets challenging, I know I have a safe place to land. Yogatown is my home away from home and it is where I can breathe deeply, exhale fully and come home to myself, always.

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