Courtenay Dore

Yoga is my anchor, a place to come home to.



Courtenay Dore


In my 20’s chronic back pain lead me to yoga. Within a month of developing a regular yoga practice, I felt relief from the pain that I had experienced for years. The more I practiced the better I felt, but not just physically. I felt calmer, grounded and more balanced.  As months progressed into years, I began to realize that yoga was my anchor, a place to come home to. Not only a tool to strengthen and heal my body, but a way to calm my busy mind and decrease anxiety and tension. The energetic shift that I experience from yoga never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful that I have found yoga and believe I will always practice it.

Since completing my yoga teacher training in 2007 I have had the privilege of sharing yoga with the Ottawa community. Teaching yoga allows me to help others add to the quality of their day. I believe that yoga should be inclusive and teach according to the energy and ability of the group. There is always a way to amp up or scale down a class. In recent years my classes have begun to incorporate more meditation and mindfulness, as my own practice develops in this manner. It is such a pleasure to share the techniques and tools that have brought peace and happiness to my own life.

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