Ayesha Basi

"The universe delivered us with the light + the seeds. We might not hear it at times but the music is always on, it just needs to be turned louder. For as long as there is breath in our lungs - we must keep dancing." Rupi Kaur



Ayesha Basi


For me, yoga provides the tools to live a life of presence, awareness and compassion. Every time we step on our mat is a chance to move energy, learn something new about our bodies and connect our mind, body and breath more harmoniously together. My practice draws inspiration from both biomechanics and evoking a state of flow. I believe in the importance of building strong and resilient bodies through active stretching and functional movement – at the same time, I believe in the power of body, mind and breath connection and the possibility of self-expansion through creative sequencing. In my classes I hope to empower students to increase their mind/body awareness, better understand their body, move with intuition and nourish their individual approach to movement in a safe, inclusive and curious way.

Outside of yoga, I love spending time in nature and moving my body in different ways (running, strength training, biking etc.). I also love to read, play the piano and work with my hands…right now I’m into making wall tapestries.

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