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Supporting Our Yogatown Staff & Teachers During Covid-19 Closure

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By Jason Billows | Owner


A Message From Tracy & Jason

Hi Townies.

We hope that you are doing well and have the support of family and friends at this difficult time.

Our family was away in Mexico prior to the Covid-19 crisis starting in Ottawa, and we were just and were just able to fly home yesterday. We’ll be in quarantine for the next 14 days.

Following our announcement to close, we were overwhelmed by the messages and words of support you all sent. Thank you – we have read every single message. Your love and concern means more than you know.

Having three locations means that there are significant expenses, even with our doors closed. There are a lot of unknowns and we don’t know how Yogatown will be impacted in the long term, but we trust that we’ll figure that out.

What we’re most concerned about right now is our staff and teachers, including many who are contractors that may not qualify for Employment Insurance.

We have been trying to find ways to support our team, such as paying teachers to create YouTube videos for you. We’ll continue to brainstorm more ideas.

Over the past few days some of you have reached out to ask that we not put your membership on hold as a way to support the studio. That kind of generosity, in these uncertain times, is truly inspiring, and we want to pay that forward.

So, we want to let you know that during our closure, we will be directing 100% of the proceeds from any membership payments to a fund that will support our staff and teachers who most need financial support at this time.

We realize that many of our members may also be facing some financial challenges at this time. However, if you do have financial security and would like to support our team by keeping your membership active during our closure, please let us know.

You can simply email and we’ll make sure that 100% of your membership fees are directed to support our staff and teachers.

I’ve always loved a quote from Mr. Rogers… “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

To those of you who help support our staff and teachers, thank you.

And to those of you who are helping others in our community in other ways, thank you.

One of our core values at Yogatown is Family and Community.

Despite all of the uncertainty that we’re faced with right now, we are so overwhelmed and moved by the way we see our community, our family, our Townies coming together and supporting each other in this time of crisis.

On behalf of our team and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Much love from our family to you and yours.

Tracy & Jason

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