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Should I Do A 30 Day Yoga Challenge?

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By Jason Billows | Owner

Will my body be able to handle that much yoga?

How can I fit that much yoga into my schedule?

What if I don’t have the discipline or the willpower to complete the challenge?

These are common questions we hear from yogis who are considering a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  

Thankfully, our team of Townies have done many 30 Day Challenges and have some answers to help you decide if a 30 Day Yoga Challenge is right for you?

Why Do A 30 Day Yoga Challenge?

Why would you want to do a challenge? Here’s some of the most common reasons Townies have shared with us.

I Feel Stronger

Your challenge may leave you feeling tired at times, but overall you’ll get stronger. And, we’re not just talking about physical strength and stability. Completing a challenge like this will help to strengthen your willpower and discipline, and will transfer into other areas of your life. 

Stress Less. Be More.

Time on your mat is an opportunity to be with yourself in the moment. Most yogis who do a challenge find that their stress levels decrease, and their ability to be more mindful throughout their day increases.

Fall In Love

There’s something special that happens when you spend time on your mat connecting with your body. As you learn more about it, you’ll discover just how amazing it is. Many Townies have shared with us that they learn to love their bodies at a whole new level during a challenge.

It’s Fun!

The word “challenge” can sound a bit daunting at times, but the experience of a 30 Day Challenge is quite the opposite. Yogatown challenges provide lots of opportunities to have fun throughout the 30 days, whether that be connecting with other challengers, finding a playfulness in your practice, or while celebrating at the various challenge related events.


Two of our core values at Yogatown are Family and Community, and a challenge is a great way to cultivate both. When you participate during a 30 Day Challenge you connect more with Yogatown staff and other challengers. By the end of your challenge, you’ll feel more a part of the Townie family than ever before.

Your Family

You may need to take more time than usual away from your family during a challenge, however when you give to yourself and experience the opportunity to grow through a challenge of this kind, you “show up” in a much better way for your family. They’ll thank you for it.

It’ll Be Hard

Wait… that’s a reason to do it? You bet it is. While you’ll have a great time, enjoy yourself, and experience a long list of benefits, the fact is that it’ll still be hard sometimes. It is called a “challenge” after all. When you take those hard times head on and work through them, you’ll grow and become stronger, both mentally and physically. 

The After Effect

Following a 30 Day Yoga Challenge your practice will be at a whole new level, and that will continue to serve you as you return to your regular practice. One of the best ways for us to grow is to challenge ourselves, and a 30 Day Challenge will help you to grow physically and mentally.

Tips For A Great 30 Day Yoga Challenge Experience

Okay, so you’ve decided to do a challenge. Here’s some tips from other Townies to help you get the most out of your experience.


The pre-challenge email you’ll receive is a great resource to help you prepare for the month ahead. You’ll learn all of the tips and strategies we’ve discovered to help make your challenge a rewarding one. Be sure to read the email and take some time to set yourself up for success before the challenge even begins.

Use Your Advisor

You’ll be paired up with an advisor from the Yogatown team who will support, motivate, and hold you accountable. Our team wants to set you up for success, so use your advisor as much as needed.

Dial It Back

You’re doing 30 days of yoga (with one rest day each week) and that is a lot. Most challengers benefit by taking it a bit easier in their classes, especially early on in the challenge. If you regularly work at 80%, dial it back to 50% and take it easy. You may actually discover some exciting new aspects of your practice to explore at this new level of intensity. 


Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, you should probably take something out of your schedule when adding in a 30 Day Challenge. Be proactive and decide in advance where you can make time. Less Netflix? Less social media? There’s always ways to find time, and usually you’ll find it by eliminating habits or activities that aren’t serving you anyway.

Mix It Up

Yogatown has a wide range of class offerings, and a challenge is the perfect time to try them all out. If you regularly stick to the same style of classes, try something new. The more diverse you classes, the more well rounded your practice will become.

Track It

Use the challenge tracker posted in the lobby at Yogatown. The simple act of tracking your attendance will help keep you motivated and accountable.

Plan For Setbacks

Regardless of how much planning we do, setbacks can be inevitable. Maybe you need to work late and you miss your favourite class, or your kids get sick and you can’t make it to the studio. One little setback doesn’t mean your challenge has come to an end. Plan ahead for how you’ll handle these setbacks. Maybe you can make up for missed classes on the days you had planned to take off, or perhaps you can double up and do two classes in one day.


Make sure you take time to celebrate your achievements throughout the challenge and when you complete it. Celebrating little wins can help motivate you to stay on track. Most importantly, you’re worth celebrating.


So, are you ready to take on a 30 Day Yoga Challenge?

If you’re considering a challenge for the first time, you may have more questions, and we’ve got answers. Ask any of our front desk staff and they can help you decide if it’s right for you.

If you’ve done a 30 Day Challenge before, you already know what a great experience it is and the benefits that come with it. We’ll see you at our next challenge. 😉

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