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How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

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How often should you practice?

This is one of the most common questions we hear at Yogatown.


Consistency Is Key

For most beginners, committing to 3 classes per week will result in significant benefits, but remember that consistency is key.

You’re better off practicing three times per week, every week, than practicing 6 times one week and none the next week.

Once you’ve established a consistent practice, you can consider increasing the frequency of your classes.


Yoga Off The Mat

Also keep in mind that Yoga is a daily practice that can be cultivated both on and off your mat, and doesn’t always require you to visit the studio. Practicing even for just a few moments each day at home, between your in-studio classes, can help your yoga journey progress.

Setting a goal to practice every day can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Even a 10-minute savasana or a few sun salutations is all you need. The key is to do something each day.

Your practice may not even involve your mat. Yoga off the mat may include simply moving your body more throughout the day, taking a walk, being in nature, meditation, or simply being more mindful.

Check out some of our meditation and mindfulness workshops as a way to compliment your yoga practice.


Getting Started

If you do commit to 3 in-studio classes per week, our Yogatown Membership is the perfect fit for you. You’ll receive unlimited classes every month, at both locations, for the lowest price available.

Remember that your yoga practice is a journey, not a destination. How you define what yoga is to you is a personal choice, and one that can evolve over time.

Find the frequency of classes that works for you, and find ways to include yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into the rest of your day when possible.

The more consistently you practice, the faster your journey will progress and the more benefits you’ll realize.

If you’d like some more guidance, check out Which Yoga Class Is Right For Me?

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