Ayurveda Yoga Training with Kathryn Flynn

Harmonizing Your Practice with Nature

Ayurveda Yoga: Harmonizing Your Practice with Nature

Saturday February 2 & Sunday February 3
with Kathryn Flynn

If you teach yoga, there can be a lot of pressure to make study and practice about being useful to your students. However, it’s imperative that we cultivate sustainability and suitability of practice – the right practice for the right season, or season of life.

This weekend is to rekindle your relationship with yoga, including long practices and a contemplative, conversational approach to Ayurvedic wisdom. If you’re craving wisdom within the context of nourishing movement and community, join us for this experiential exploration.

Ayurveda is the sister system to yoga: if yoga is a path to achieving wellness and enlightenment, then Ayurveda is the system that supports a healthy bodymind for yoga’s practices.

Ayurvedic Yoga examines elemental composition of nature and people to seasonally attune your yoga and lifestyle practices. We’ll discuss best practices throughout the year and identify how we may be resisting balance in our daily routines. Of course, Ayuveda says that what we do is not always as important as how we do it, so our weekend will be rich in experiencing the different approaches appropriate to each season.

Our weekend will include…

  • Examining how yoga and Ayurveda dialogue in history and practice
  • Developing a simple, effective self-care routine, including massage based on marma points (Ayurveda’s meridians system)
  • Yoga postures, sequences, and approaches to practice for each season
  • Self-massage techniques and their benefits, including abhyanga (oil massage) and rolling with guest teacher, Erin Bidlake
  • Two practices each day, bracketing conversation, lecture and discovery

This weekend is suitable to practitioners and teachers alike, no prior Ayurvedic experience is necessary. It does count as a module in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Date: Saturday Feb. 2 & Sunday Feb. 3
Time: 9am – 5pm
Investment: $275
Location: Stittsville

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