Awaken Wellness Retreat November 18th - November 20th, 2022

Waitlist Open

Awaken Wellness Retreat – Waitlist Open

An all-encompassing retreat to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Join Tracy Billows and Susan Benoit for a weekend of healing modalities to truly awaken and revitalize yourself on every level.  

Unplug from the day to day grind and:

  • Spend time in nature
  • Explore and learn about cold and heat exposure
  • Experience yoga and breath work sessions
  • Nourish your body with healthy vegetarian meals
  • Reconnect with your deeper self and discover inner guidance
  • Unplug from technology, including your phone if you choose
  • And connect with old and new friends

This powerful combination will not simply restore your baseline of wellness, but will truly awaken and revitalize you on every level. 

This all-inclusive, immersive wellness experience includes:

  • Daily yoga sessions led by Tracy
  • Daily Breathwork and Cold Water Exposure led by Susan
  • Guided wood-burning sauna sessions
  • Guided Cacao Ceremony to assist in opening your heart and soothing your nervous system. 
  • Fresh, healthy, and nourishing vegetarian meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch inclusive)
  • Digital detox – on your terms (inquire for more details)
  • Thai Yoga Massage treatments available (extra charge)

Want more time to yourself? No problem. Participate in as many or as few of the activities as you’d like, and explore this beautiful retreat centre and surrounding nature at your own pace.

Awaken Wellness Retreat will be hosted at Gaia Wellness Retreat, just 1 hour drive from Ottawa, near LaPeche, Quebec. This 55 acre, forested property offers a fire pit, meditation garden, library, private beach / lake and incredible views from the main lodge.

All accommodations and bathrooms are shared, with 3-4 beds per room.  Sign up with friends, or share a room or cabin with other participants.

Join us for Awaken and return home feeling truly revitalized in body, mind and spirit. 


Registration now open. 

Friday Nov. 18th, 4pm – Sunday Nov. 20th, 3pm

$699 +hst before Sept. 15th

$725 +hst after Sept. 15th

Directions, itinerary, and list of what to bring will be sent to participants one week prior. 

Sign up here!

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More About Susan Benoit

Susan is a certified strength and conditioning coach, breath coach, and cold exposure guide. She has 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She got into breath work and cold exposure after having open heart surgery and struggling with anxiety and depression and now guides breath work and cold exposure classes in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.  Susan is passionate about inspiring others to discover their greatness and to have them understand that their environment does not have to dictate who they want to be. She leads with an open heart, and encourage those around her to expand their personal limits and explore what it means to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


More About Tracy Billows

Tracy can best be described as a health enthusiast.  Yoga of course is a huge part of Tracy’s life – she’s been a devoted yoga student for over 20 years and has been teaching for 13.  Tracy is equally passionate about many other things wellness-related.  From cold plunges, to holistic nutrition, to mindset, to endurance sports, she is constantly pushing her limits, learning and trying new things to help keep her strong and healthy on all levels.  It brings Tracy so much joy to share all of these passions with others, so they too can experience how it feels to truly feel alive.

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