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Yogatown Diversity Initiatives

The murder of George Floyd has sparked an awakening for so many of us who have been ignorant to the extraordinary pain, anxiety, and collective anguish that has been inflicted upon the Black community for far too long.

We have worked hard to make Yogatown a space that we thought was safe and welcoming for all people, all skin colours, all body shapes. It wasn’t.

We now recognize that good intentions, open hearts, and inclusivity aren’t enough.

We’re listening, learning, and receiving guidance from our friends, Townies, and leaders in the BIPOC community, while also taking responsibility to educate ourselves and initiate change.

Yogatown needs to do more. We need to be intentional with our actions.

The actions we take and the words we use may be imperfect. We may make mistakes or missteps along the way. However, that’s part of learning and change, as uncomfortable as it may be.

Following are the steps that Yogatown is taking today to begin changing the business practices and attitudes that have contributed to systemic racism within Yogatown and the yoga community at large.

  1. We have established a Yogatown Teacher Training scholarship for members of the BIPOC community. More information is available on our Yoga Teacher Training webpage.
  2. We are proactively seeking teachers and staff from the BIPOC community whose values and goals align with Yogatown.
  3. We are reviewing all of our policies and practices (and making changes) so that we may become allies in the fight to eliminate systemic racism.

These are the actions we’re currently taking.  We will do more, and we will share details of those initiatives publicly on our Diversity page.

As we continue to reevaluate our business and policies, make no mistake that we are steadfastly committed to speaking out against white supremacy and eliminating systemic racism from within our business and community.

To all Black, Indigenous, People of Colour…

We love you. We’re sorry. Please forgive us. Thank you.

Tracy & Jason

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